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Search for our practice on Google, click the link for our practice, then “Google reviews” to open our reviews page, and then “Write a Review."

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“Best dentist I have ever been to. Have been a patient for 6 years now. I don't plan on ever going anywhere else.”

Kimberley G.

“I sung praises for Zwicker Dental. Here I am to do so again, my dad has had issues with his teeth for years and having had mine pulled and not experiencing debilitating pain has been wonderful for me. It's not often a business genuinely cares and for that I cannot praise them enough.”

Marshall M.

“Dr. Peter Zwicker is the best dentist I've ever known. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They made my son feel at ease.”

Sheryl K.

“My dentist after being so afraid to see anyone after 27 years! He and his team make every effort to be accommodating and help me comfortable. I don't even need anxiety medication any longer. Can't say enough wonderful things about them!!”

Kelly H.

“Excellent service and an environment which allows clients to feel comfortable and relaxed. Recommend 100%”

Jane S.

"Went to Dr. Zwicker this summer after a coworker recommended him. Had my first ever root canal, I have a lot of anxiety around needles and dental work and they were so understanding and awesome about it. He answered all my questions with as much detail as I wanted and made me feel very comfortable."

Melanie P.